India Sees New Record Spike With 3,46,786 Covid Cases, 2,624 Deaths in 24 Hours


Coronavirus News Live Updates: India on Saturday recorded yet another record Covid spike with 3,46,786 new coronavirus cases and 2,624 deaths. Covid-19 cases have been rising unabated in India as the country faces a second peak.

New Delhi on Friday recorded its highest ever death toll with 348 Covid-19 related deaths and 24,331 new coronavirus cases amid a severe crisis of oxygen and hospital beds in the city. Delhi has a positivity rate of 32 per cent 92,000 active cases. Maharashtra too saw a record spike in the death toll with 773 covid deaths. The state, another among the worst hit, saw 66,836 new cases.

Meanwhile, Delhi hospitals said they continued to face a lack of oxygen. Both the state and Centre took steps to get oxygen delivered to these hospitals on a war footing. Both the governments also promised in the Delhi High Court hearing that they will make oxygen available in these hospitals.

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