India Becomes Third Country to Fully Vaccinate 10 Crore Individuals So Far


After 196 days of vaccination, India has crossed the mark to fully vaccinate its 10-crore citizens. The data released by the health ministry on Saturday says, as of July 30, 2021, India has been able to fully vaccinate its 10,16,98,166 individuals who are above 18 years of age.

Currently, vaccination is allowed only for the adult population base in the country that is around 94.02 crore as per census 2011 projection.

When put as the share of the total population base, India, so far, has been able to fully vaccinate 10.82 per cent of adult individuals, or 7.47 of its total population base of 136.13 crore.

India is the third country to fully vaccinate over 10 crore individuals.

China that has administered 1,61,92,18,000 vaccine doses so far, has fully vaccinated its 22,32,99,000 individuals. The US is the second country to fully vaccinate over 10 crore individuals. Though the country has administered a fewer number of overall vaccine doses than India, the country has been able to fully vaccinate 16,41,84,080 individuals in the country.

The difference in the numbers here is basically due to the gap period between both doses of vaccines and China’s huge overall vaccination numbers as the country claims.

Covishield that accounts for over 90% of the vaccinations in India has a waiting period of 12-16 weeks while it is much less with the vaccines being used in China and the US.

Sinopharm and Sinovac, the main Covid vaccines used in China, have a gap period of a maximum of up to four weeks between the first and second dose of the vaccine. For Sinopharm, the recommended gap period is 21 days while for Sinovac it is 28 days. Also, as per Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Coronavirus Resource Centre, China has administered over 1.62 Covid vaccine doses so far.

The US is currently using Covid vaccines made by Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. The gap period between both doses of Pfizer/BioNTech is 21days. In the case of the Moderna vaccine, it is 28 days while J&J’s is a single dose Covid-19 vaccine.

In India, partially vaccinated or people vaccinated with the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccines account for 78 per cent of the total vaccinations done so far. By July 30, 2021, the country saw 46,15,18,479 vaccine doses administered with 35,98,20,313 individuals receiving the first or initial doses of the vaccine.

Population wise, the country has partially administered, i.e. receiving the first doses, 49 per cent of its adult population base or 26 per cent of its total population.

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