Horoscope Today, September 9, 2021: Check Out Daily Astrological Prediction for Leo, Virgo, Libra, Cancer and Other Zodiac Signs


For September 9, Horoscope predicts that Aries and Taurus will venture into new business and they will be appreciated for their behaviour. It is advised that Leo should not criticize anyone out of jealously, while Aquarius are told to avoid taking big risks in the business. Capricorn, over-confidence might spoil your work today. Good news awaits Scorpio as their ancestral property-related disputes might get resolved in your favour.


Aries might venture to do something new

Today, youngsters will get excellent results in competitive exams. You might venture to do something new. Family members will be all praises for you. Due to hot weather, boils and acidity problems might trouble you. Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Mars, wearing red colour and relying on alphabets A, L, E and numbers 1, 8 will help you.


Taurus might get some delightful news 

Taurus, whatever you will undertake today, the outcomes won’t come as expected. You will receive appreciation for your behaviour and there are chances that you will make strategies to start a new business. You might get some delightful news from your friends. People working in the software industry might get a salary hike. Your sign is ruled by the planet Venus, wear sage green and fall back on numbers 2,7 and alphabets Ba, Va, and U.


Gemini will receive support, blessings from father

Students might take some decisions regarding their career. Today, you will receive support and blessings from your father. Children might get a little careless about their studies. There would be extra workload at job, a sudden journey can come your way. Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury, therefore wearing yellow will be lucky for you. Numbers 3,6, and the alphabets K, C, G will lend you support today.


Perfect day for Cancer to switch job

This Thursday, you will be excited about the new love relationship. You might make acquaintance with some important people while traveling. The blessings of your mentor or Guru will be by your side. The day is perfect to switch your job. There are strong chances that you will get rid of legal disputes. Moon is the incharge of your sunsign, hence your lucky colour, number and alphabets are silver or midnight blue, D, H, and 4, respectively.


 Leo might get the lent money back 

You might get the lent money back from borrowers. Media professionals may be assigned some challenging work. Your short-tempered nature might displease people around you. Here is a tip, don’t criticize anyone out of jealously. Sun is the ruling planet for your zodiac sign, therefore the golden colour, number 5 and the alphabets M, T are lucky for you.


Promotion at work on the card for Virgo 

The office atmosphere would remain favourable to you, however, there are chances of transfer or relocation in job. Many creative ideas will come to your mind and you might possibly sign a big business deal today. People working in the technical field are likely to get promoted to a higher position. Ruled by Mercury, your lucky colour is forest green, lucky numbers are 3,8 and letters P, T, N.


Some unknown fear might agitate Libra today

Some unknown fear might agitate you today. In order to please others, don’t compromise with your happiness. You might get upset with your family members, but you can receive messages from your overseas friends. If you experience heaviness in head, then immediately visit a doctor and seek proper treatment. Planet Venus rules your sign therefore white or off-white colour, numbers 2,7 and letters R, T, will be favourable for you today.


Scorpio students will get excellent results in academics

Your love and affection will increase towards life partner. People in marriageable age might get their marriage fixed. Students will get excellent results in academics. Today, new ideas and plans will come to your mind. There would be peace and prosperity in your family. Ancestral property-related disputes might get resolved in your favour. Your zodiac is ruled by Mars, deep colours like crimson, Numbers 1,8 and alphabets Na, Ya will bring you good luck today.


Good time for Sagittarius to start working on new projects

You will earn ordinary profits in the business today and your self-confidence will increase. It’s a good time to start working on new projects. Government employees will have more power and authority in job. You will receive great respect from your managers. There are chances that you might invest in land and house property. The planet Jupiter is your leader, therefore wearing yellow will be quite auspicious for you, numbers 9, 11, and letters Bha, Dha, Pha, Dha are lucky for you.


Capricorn will perform brilliantly at the workplace

You will get business ideas with the help of your friends. Just in case, you are pursuing a law career, success awaits. You will perform brilliantly at the workplace. There would be peace and prosperity in your family. Over-confidence might spoil your work. Wear Cyan colour and numbers 10, 11 while alphabets are Kha and Ja are said to draw you luck.


Aquarius should avoid taking risks in business

Thursday is the day to be patient and careful. Your managers will try to impede your work, while your colleagues might disrespect you. Due to some reasons, you will be low-spirited today. Avoid taking big risks in the business. Injury or pain in legs might trouble you. Planet Saturn rules your sign hence deep blue colour, numbers 10, 11 and alphabets G, S, will guide you.


Pisces might achieve big objectives in business

You might achieve big objectives in business. Your willpower, as well as self-confidence, will increase. Ongoing tensions in the marital relationship will go away today. People associated with real estate business will earn hefty profits. The yellow colour, numbers 9, 12, letters Da, Cha, Jha, Tha will bring all the luck to your sign as it is ruled by Jupiter.

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