Horoscope Today, September 8, 2021: Check Out Daily Astrological Prediction for Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Other Zodiac Signs


The second week of September began with the New Moon in Virgo on Monday. The lunar event affected the commitments of all the zodiac signs. This Wednesday, signs like Sagittarius, Capricorn and Taurus will feel the need to work towards their career. Meanwhile, Virgo, Pisces, and Aquarius, will be required to focus on personal and romantic life.


Aries will pay more attention to diet

This Wednesday, your attention will shift towards matters regarding health and well-being. You will pay more attention to your diet and physical fitness today. For those who are seeking a romantic relationship, it is a perfect day to indulge in some heart-to-heart conversations and check if you and your connection are on the same page. Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Mars, wearing the colour red will certainly work in your favour. Your lucky alphabets and numbers for the day are A, L, E and 1, 8.


Taurus likely to gain self-confidence

Today you will find yourself gaining self-confidence after days of wavering faith. There will be a balance between the healing of mind, body, and soul and it will enhance your journey towards self-development. On the work front, it is an ideal day to take on projects that demand your energy and attention. Your sign is ruled by planet Venus, wear sage green for things to work in your favour today. Numbers 2,7 and alphabets Ba, Va, and U will be lucky for you this Wednesday.


Gemini will be working towards emotional protection

Your attention has shifted to matters concerning home and family this Wednesday. You will be working towards emotional protection, but do remember not to lose your own emotional stability in order to provide for others. It is also a good day to devote time to hobbies that make you happy. Your sign is ruled by planet Mercury, wearing yellow will be lucky for you. Numbers 3,6, and the alphabets K, C, G will work in your favour today.


A good day for Cancer to work on any projects

This Wednesday, your stars want you to practice mindfulness and be aware of yourself. The day is good for you to work on any projects that require communicating with the authorities. For some, taking on conversations that are emotionally heavy may also be in the works. Your sign is ruled by Moon, hence your lucky colour will be silver or midnight blue, while number 4, and letters D, H will be your lucky charm.


Golden is the colour of the day for Leo

You may be required to work on securing certain finances this Wednesday. Issues related to work and money will be the highlight of today. Crucial discussions regarding future plans may also materialise today. It is advisable that you prepare and plan on your big ambitions and how to go about it. Sun is the ruling planet for your zodiac sign, hence, the golden colour will prove auspicious for you. Your lucky number is 5 and the lucky alphabets are M, T.


Good day on work front for Virgo

It is a good day to let your practical and reality-rooted mind let its guard down and manifest what your heart really wants. Let the universe know your wish and leave the reins of the outcome in its hands. On the work front, Wednesday seems like a good day to take on projects and assignments that require some intense work. Your sign is ruled by planet Mercury and your lucky colour is forest green. Numbers 3,8 and letters P, T, N will be favourable for you today.


Libra will be in the mood to pamper themselves

You will be experiencing a shift when it comes to your old emotional patterns. It is a good day to start shedding old habits that no longer serve the purpose and inculcate new ones. You will be in the mood to pamper yourself and are most likely to splurge on products or hobbies that bring you happiness. Planet Venus rules your sign therefore white or off-white colour will be lucky for you. Numbers 2,7 and letters R, T, will be working in your favour today.


Scorpio must consider going to therapy

Today is all about serving the others around you. A sense of voluntarism will be awakened inside you which might inspire you to donate to a charity or volunteer for one. Wednesday is also ideal for any activity that brings mental stability. Consider going to therapy or journaling or opening up to a friend for a change. Your sign is ruled by Mars, so deep colours like crimson will favour you today. Numbers 1,8 and alphabets Na, Ya will bring you good luck.


Sagittarius focus will be on anything related to work

Today your focus will be on career prospects, new jobs, promotion in job or anything related to work. Coming to your personal life, Wednesday will bring out your extroverted self to the fore and compel you to engage in social gatherings. Your planet is in Jupiter which will make wearing yellow quite auspicious, whole numbers 9, 11, and letters Bha, Dha, Pha, Dha will bring good luck.


Good day for Capricorn to send resumes to recruiters

For those of you seeking job opportunities, Wednesday is ideal to send those applications and resumes to potential recruiters. It is also advisable that you should reassess your career trajectory today and find out what roles and opportunities will suit you. Personally, this day is ideal to connect with yourself and practice meditation. Wear Cyan colour to receive luck as your sign is ruled by planet Saturn. The lucky numbers for Capricorn are 10, 11 while lucky alphabets are Kha and Ja.


Love is in the air for Aquarius

Wednesday is the day to focus on intimacy, romance, and matters that concern your personal life. There might be some tough conversations on the cards related to a romantic partner. To clear the air you must confront the task or else it will only get worse. Professionally, it is a good day to indulge in plans regarding the next step in your career. Planet Saturn rules your sign hence wearing deep blue colour will be lucky for you. Numbers 10, 11 and alphabets G, S, will guide you.


Pisces must maintain transparency and honesty

Today your trust in your partner or the concept of love will be put to test. It may work in your favour if you maintain transparency and honesty in your conversations with your partner. The day is also ideal for you to work on any higher education plans and prepare the application for the same. The yellow colour will bring in all the luck as your sign is ruled by Jupiter. Numbers 9, 12 are your lucky numbers and Da, Cha, Jha, Tha are the lucky alphabets.

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