Fraudsters Now Using Names of Govt Schemes to Defraud People, PIB Issues Alert


It’s not the first time you are going to read about online fraudsters. They deploy new tactics now and then to defraud people of their money. And the latest is that these online scamsters have started using the names of government schemes to swindle the hard-earned money of people. The Press Information Bureau (PIB)’s Fact Check team has tweeted, saying that the fraudsters were now using names of government schemes to fraud people.

“Did you also receive a message claiming that your bank has been credited with Rs 2,67,000 under ‘Govt Yojna’?”

The PIB Fact Check team warned people to ignore such messages as they can fall trap of online fraudsters.

“Beware. This message is fake. Government of India is not running any such scheme and is not associated with this text message,” the PIB Fact Check team in its tweet wrote. The team swung into action after receiving several inquiries concerning a message being received by people on their phones stating that the “Indian Government under ‘Govt Yojna’ has credited Rs 2.67 lakh in your account.”

The PIB has asked people to ignore such messages and not to click any external links. They have also requested people to check websites of respective government departments to learn about the latest schemes being run by the Centre and state governments.

The PIB in its series of tweets has asked people to verify schemes only from websites of the Ministry of related schemes and the PIB.

They have also released online and telephone helpline points for fact-checking of any government schemes. A person can log into or WhatsApp +918799711259 or email at [email protected] to enquire about any government-related schemes.

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