For 18+, On-Site Registration Allowed At Government Vaccine Centres


New Delhi:

The centre has said it will allow on-site, or walk-in, registration of “a few beneficiaries” in the 18-44 age group at state-run Covid vaccination centres to “minimise wastage”.

This, a notification issued Monday afternoon said, was to use “some doses… left unutilised in case online appointee beneficiaries do not turn up on day of vaccination”.

The centre has also allowed on-site registration for people “without access to internet or smart phones, or mobile phones” and who may otherwise have limited access to the process.

However, the central government notification said allowing on-site registrations would also depend on individual state/UT governments’ decision, which will be based on “local context”.

Should state/UT governments decide to allow on-site registrations, it can only be made available at government-run vaccination centres and not those run by private hospitals, the centre said

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