Facebook whistleblower leaks documents detailing effort to censor ‘vaccine hesitant’ posts


Doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine are seen being prepared on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, in Decatur, Ga. Hundreds of children, ages 12 to 15, received the Pfizer vaccine at the DeKalb Pediatric Center, just days after it was approved for use within their age group. (AP Photo/Ron Harris)

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UPDATED 9:25 AM PT – Tuesday, May 25, 2021

An anonymous Facebook staffer has sounded the alarm on Big Tech censorship. In an undercover Project Veritas video on Monday, a whistleblower outlined Facebook’s plan to “drastically reduce user exposure to vaccine hesitancy in comments.”

The data technician said this includes cutting likes on posts that highlight deaths from vaccines. The whistleblower added, this happens to a much larger extent than the social media giant lets on.

“Facebook uses classifiers in their algorithms to determine certain content to be what they call ‘vaccine hesitant’ or they call it ‘vaccine hesitancy,’ and without a user’s knowledge they assign a score to these comments that’s called the ‘VH Score’ (the Vaccine Hesitancy Score),” explained the Facebook employee. “And based on that score, will demote or leave the comment alone depending on that comment.”

Project Veritas also obtained internal documents showing this algorithm was first tested on 1.5 percent of users, but Facebook plans to extend it globally.

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