Drug Abuse in India: Mumbai Recorded Highest NDPS Cases Among Metros in 2020; Uttar Pradesh Top State


Mumbai reported most cases registered under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act in 2020 among 19 metropolitan cities in India, while Uttar Pradesh has topped the chart in states, official data shows.

Mumbai reported 3,509 cases or incidents under the NDPS Act in 2020 as per ‘Crime in India 2020’. The city is followed by Bengaluru (2,766 cases) and Indore (998 cases). With more than 700 cases, Delhi and Kochi are among top five cities.

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A major share of the cases, over 85 per cent, in the top five cities were for personal use or consumption, except Delhi where only 60 per cent cases were related to personal use.

On the contrary, Chennai reported 537 cases under the Act — all related to trafficking. In Kanpur (312 cases) and Kolkata (72 cases), the picture was no different as all cases were related to trafficking and none related to personal use or consumption.

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Further, in Patna (93 cases), Ahmedabad (15 cases), and Lucknow (405 cases), all cases were for personal use or consumption and none for trafficking.

Cases related to NDPS Act in 19 metropolitan cities.

In 2020, across 19 metropolitan cities, a total of 12,010 cases were reported under the NDPS Act, and Mumbai accounted for about 30 per cent of these, the report states. In the last few months, particularly after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Mumbai has been in the limelight for drug abuse. Several celebrities have been arrested or questioned for their association with drugs.

Other metropolitan cities in the list were Ghaziabad (672 cases), Kozhikode (441 cases), Jaipur (319 cases), Coimbatore (126 cases), Pune (118 cases), Hyderabad (96 cases), Nagpur (70 cases) and Surat (21 cases).

While capital Mumbai is topping the chart among cities, Maharashtra, which reported 4,714 NDPS cases in 2020, is fifth among states in terms of drugs-related cases, the report states.

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Uttar Pradesh, with close to 11,000 cases under the Act, is topping the chart. It is accountable for about 20 per cent of total cases reported across all states. It is followed by Punjab (6,909 cases) and Tamil Nadu (5,403 cases). Reporting 4,968 drugs-related cases in 2020, Kerala is at the fourth position.

Cases related to NDPS Act in states.

Across India, 59,806 drugs-related cases were reported — 57,600 in states and 2,206 in union territories. Out of eight UTs, Jammu and Kashmir alone reported 1,222 cases, which account for over 55 per cent of total cases in the UTs.

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