Dhaka Police Say Viral Molestation Video from Kerala; Victim and A Culprit Belong to Bangladesh


The Assam Police on Thursday issued a clarification on the viral molestation video, saying that the incident took place in Kerala some 15-16 days ago, quoting the Dhaka police. They also said that the lady victim and one culprit is from Bangladesh and their home places are also traced.

In the viral video, a group of five people including a woman is seen slapping, kicking and even stepping on victim’s face. The group kept on the assault and torture even as the victim cried for help. They then stripped her clothes and continued the abuse. Earlier, it was circulated that the victim is from Nagaland who recently committed suicide in Jodhpur. But later it was confirmed that both the women are not the same. But the question remained unanswered that from where the video was circulated or who are those people.

Several reports published by the Bangladesh media has shed light on the entire incident. According to the Dhaka police, after the video went viral on social media they investigated the matter and found that incident took place in Kerala. Police have identified the victim is from a village in Kishorganj while one of the culprits seen in the video is from Dhaka’s Hatirjjheel area.

The Dhaka police identified the culprit from his Facebook profile and later it was confirmed by his parents. The 26-year-old culprit’s name is Rifatul Islam Hridoy aka ‘Tiktok Hridoy Babu’.

His parents informed the police that a couple of months ago, the boy was ousted from his home for his unruly behaviour and he has no contact with them since then.

As suspected by the police, the boy is likely to be linked with some organised international human trafficking gang and their task is to lure innocent women with love and the false promise of marriage and then to sell them to these gangs.

Bangladesh media reported the Dhaka police will soon seek the support of Indian counterpart to identify other culprits from the video and to nab them.

The Dhaka police had held a press conference on Thursday regarding this.

Earlier, the Assam police have also promised to ‘handsomely reward’ anyone who would come forward with information indulging in the act.

The disturbing video of the sexual assault has been circulated widely on social media and is being shared with claims that the victim is the same woman from Nagaland who died by suicide in Jodhpur on May 23.

Angry netizens and enraged civil society groups shared the video asking for justice for the deceased woman. People claimed it to be another crime induced by racist hatred.

As the video surfaced, several people claimed her to be the same woman from Nagaland. In a short period, these posts went viral and the demand for justice came pouring in.

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju also tweeted and confirmed both women were not the same. “The viral video of a girl from North East being brutally raped and tortured by 4 men and 1 woman is not related to the Jodhpur suicide case. I had a detailed discussion with the Police Commissioner of Jodhpur. However, there must be all-out efforts by state police to catch the devils.”

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