Columbia professor says many pretend to agree with woke race views in fear of being cancelled


Author and professor at Columbia University, John McWhorter in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for New York Times)

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UPDATED 3:50 PM PT – Sunday, July 18, 2021

A college professor said many people have pretended to agree with race opinions in fear of being attacked on social media. Columbia University professor and author John McWhorter recently made the comments during a PBS interview, which discussed critical race theory in schools.

McWhorter criticized the creators of CRT by claiming the theory established a perspective that led people to deem everything as racist. In addition, McWhorter said this was no way to run a society and many people conformed to the ideology so they wouldn’t get called out.

“After last summer, there was this educational opportunity many of these people saw where you could start saying that you needed to do this within this racial reckoning and if you don’t do it, you’re a racist,” he explained. “So if you go against them, you get called a racist in the public square. For nine out of ten people, that’s enough to make them follow along.”


McWhorter recently released a new book titled “Woke Racism,” which explains how so-called anti-racist teaching is actually hurting minority communities. He went on to say he believes once classes get back in person, things may get better because students will have face to face interaction.

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