Check Out Tithi, Shubh Muhurat, Rahu Kaal and Other Details for Tuesday


June 22 will mark the twelfth day or the Dwadashi tithi in the Shukla Paksha of the Jyeshtha month in the Hindu Vedic calendar. The day will be Tuesday or Mangalvaar which is dedicated to the Mars planet or the Mangal grah.

The Lord of Dwadashi Tithi is Lord Vishnu. It is also believed in the Hindu mythology that the planet Mercury, a devotee to Lord Vishnu, was born on this day. Dwadashi Tithi’s direction is southwest and any work done in this direction gives good results.

Tuesday also marks the Nirjala Ekadashi Parana or the day when devotees break the fast a day after the auspicious occasion of Nirjala Ekadashi. It is considered necessary to follow the Parana ritual within Dwadashi unless the tithi is over before sunrise.

Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset Time:

  • Sunrise- 05:24 am
  • Sunset- 07:22 pm
  • Moonrise- 04:49 pm
  • Moonset- 03:44 am June 23

Tithi, Nakshatra and Rashi Details:

Dwadashi tithi will prevail till 10:22 am on Tuesday after which trayodashi tithi will begin. Nakshatra for the day will be Vishakha upto 02:23 pm after which Anuradha nakshatra will set in.

The Moon will be in the Tula or Libra sign till 9.00 am, after which it will move to the Vrischika or Scorpio sign.The Sun will be in the Mithuna rashi or Gemini.

Shubh Muhurat:

Followers of Vedic calendar believe that before performing any important task, the auspicious timings of the day should be followed to bring desired results. Each day is divided into sections of time, some of these are auspicious for certain tasks.

Abhijit muhurat is considered to be the most auspicious of all the good timings. On Tuesday, it will be observed from 11:55 am to 12:51 pm.

  • Brahma Muhurta: 04:04 am to 04:44 am
  • Vijaya Muhurta : 02:43 pm to 03:39 pm
  • Godhuli Muhurat :07:08 pm to 07:32 pm

Ashubh Muhurat:

Rahu Kalam is believed to be the most inauspicious period of the day, which will be between 03:53 pm and05:37 pm on Tuesday.

  • Gulikai Kalam: 12:23 pm to 02:08 pm
  • Varjyam: 05:57 pm to 07:23 pm
  • Yamaganda: 08:54 am to 10:38 am

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