Caught On Camera: Man Slapped, Knocked Out In Haryana Colony Being Razed


The man was protesting the demolition of homes in Haryana’s Khori village, locals say.


A man is hit so hard in the head that he hits a brick wall and falls unconscious – the frightening scene is not from a movie but a village in Haryana, less than 3 hours from Delhi, where homes are being demolished following a Supreme Court order.

According to the locals, the man seen in the video being hit is a resident protesting against the demolition that has been underway with little regard for the rehabilitation of those affected.

He is dragged away once he falls limp after being apparently knocked out.

More alarmingly, his attackers are said to be plainclothes policemen posted in the area to ensure the demolition work goes unobstructed. The police are yet to comment on the incident.

Some 40,000-odd residents of Khori village, which is part of the protected green area for the Aravalli range, in Haryana’s Faridabad district, are facing the demolition of their homes for encroachment.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has said his government was discussing resettlement plans, but only for those who are from Haryana.

Late last month, there were clashes between protesters and police as hundreds gathered amid fears of losing their homes. Protesters were hit with sticks after they threw stones at policemen.

The Supreme Court had refused to stay the demolition of 10,000 illegally constructed houses on June 7.

For residents, most of who are economically disadvantaged, the risk of losing their homes in the middle of a pandemic has made the situation is dire. Many say they are ready to face consequences but they can’t leave.

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