Actor Kangana Ranaut’s Car Stopped In Punjab By Farmers Seeking Apology


Kangana Ranaut had called protesting farmers terrorists and Khalistanis.

New Delhi:

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut’s car was stopped in Punjab’s Kiratpur Sahib on Friday by protesters demanding an apology for her statements against farmers who had been campaigning against the centre’s controversial farm laws that were finally repealed this week.

A fervent supporter of the ruling BJP, Ms Ranaut had thrown her weight behind the laws, frequently calling the thousands of farmers camped out on the borders of Delhi for over a year, terrorists, Khalistanis and “anti-social elements”.


Kangana Ranaut’s car was stopped by protesters at Punjab’s Kiratpur Sahib area.

Ms Ranaut passing through the area with her security detail when her car was stopped by a protesters waving flags and shouting slogans.

“I have been surrounded by a mob here. They are abusing me and threatening to kill me,” she claimed in a video posted on her Instagram Stories.

“This mob lynching in public. What would happen if I don’t have security with me. The situation here is unbelievable. Am I a politician? What is this behaviour?” Ms Ranaut said.

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