A case of Identity Theft? E-Rickshaw Driver from Mathura Gets Notice from IT Department to File Tax of Rs 3.47 Cr


A Mathura based e-rickshaw puller got the shock of his life when he reportedly received a notice from the Income Tax department asking him to pay a hefty tax of Rs 3.47 crore. The notice further stated that his income was Rs 43. 44 crore for the financial year 2018-19 for which the tax was being levied. 

According to a Times of India report, the 40-year-old rickshaw driver, Pratap Singh, lodged a police complaint regarding this issue, and the police are currently investigating the case. Based on the evidence gathered, they are likely to file an FIR later. In the media report, Superintendent of Police (SP), city, MP Singh claimed that during their probe into the matter, it was found that a Delhi firm is registered against Pratap Singh’s PAN number, and that may be the reason why he has received such a tax notice. 

In Singh’s police complaint, he claimed that this is a case of identity theft. “I have been driving an e-rickshaw for the past four years and earn Rs 400-500 a day, which is barely sufficient to feed five family members, including our three children. I can’t even think of such a huge amount in my wildest of dreams,” Singh said in an interview to Times of India.


Singh was called to the Income Tax office on October 19 and served the tax notice of Rs 3.47 crore there. However, when the IT officials learned that he was a rickshaw puller and did not have the kind of income that was being projected, they immediately advised him to go to the police and revealed that someone has taken a GST number on his name, and is currently running a business. 

Pratap, a Bakalpur village resident had got a PAN card made for banking purposes from Jan Suvidha Kendra in March 2018. He initially did not receive the PAN card within a month of applying, and therefore went back to the Kendra to inquire about it. He was later given a coloured copy. According to a media report, Singh wrote in his complaint that, “I could not differentiate between the actual PAN card and the photocopy because I am illiterate.”

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