95% Lung Infection, 80 Days on Oxygen Support, Elderly Woman From Ujjain Beats Covid-19


As death, tears and haplessness seems all around amid a massive Covid-19 onslaught in Madhya Pradesh, stories of some individuals are inspiring others by their indomitable spirits in beating the virus.

The 62-year-old, Usha Nigam, retired manager of a co-operative bank is one such woman who has earned praises after defeating the Covid-19 with 95% lungs infection.

The senior citizen has shown the world that a fighting spirit coupled with family support could do wonders for even critical Covid-19 patients.

There was even a time when physicians treating Nigam had told the family that her chances of surviving the high infections were almost nil but the spirited woman and her family did not lose hope. After spending 80 days on oxygen including 50 in the ICU, the woman recently made a remarkable recovery and returned home.

Nigam, who recently lost her sister and for expressing solidarity with her family, went to Dewas and upon her return, complained of fever and cough. On October 20, RT-PCR test was carried out for her and after a positive report, she was admitted to Madhav hospital’s Covid-19 ward.

The first CT scan showed zero infection in lungs but soon after on October 24, her condition slumped and she was shifted to the ICU in the same hospital.

Nigam’s problems only compounded by the day and despite getting six remdesivir shots, her condition did not improve much. On October 29, she was referred to Sri Aurobindo Hospital in Indore where her CT scan showed 65% lungs infections in the span of eight days.

Simultaneously, her condition deteriorated further. However, the family stepped up in this situation and her sons and daughters-in-law met her in the hospital putting on PPE kits and encouraged her. She started getting home made food and got five doses of remdesivir injections but all this proved of little help.

The physicians even claimed that her chances of survival are grim. Still she was offered the best possible treatment and finally on November 12, she turned Covid-19 negative and was shifted to the normal ward on November 14.

However, another CT scan on November 26, showed her infection has risen to 95%. The physicians claimed that she has little time left and with the oxygen support, the family took her home on December 2.

She was required to be kept on oxygen support by February 20 and in between the family kept encouraging and motivating her. Now, the elderly woman is completely healthy and even completes her domestic chores personally at home.

Nigam credits her revival to Dr H P Sonaniya of Madhav Hospital, Ujjain and Ravi Doshi of Sri Aurobindo Hospital in Indore. The family says that they observed all the occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and others so as to keep the woman in a positive frame of mind.

Nigam said all this while she was cautious on food and took a diet which helped her keep her immunity high. She was all praises for her family saying her sons and daughters-in-law took responsibilities of all her domestic chores when she was bedridden and they even spoon fed her when she was unable to eat by herself.

“Now, I feel perfectly normal and do my domestic chores personally,” said the spirited woman.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a couple of days ago, had greeted Niagm on her ‘new life’ and said that proper treatment, family’s affection and strong will played as a base in this win.

(As told by Usha Nigam to Anand Nigam Ujjain)

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