West Maharashtra reports more COVID-19 cases despite highest vaccination


Express News Service

MUMBAI:  Western Maharashtra has the highest number of active Covid-19 cases in the state despite vaccinations being maximum in that region. The state has 1.61 lakh active cases at present, a majority of which are from the western districts. Pune has the highest number of 19,275 active cases, while Kolhapur has 17,822 patients. Satara and Sangli districts have 11,232 and 9,855 active cases, respectively.

These are the same districts that have vaccinated the highest percentage of their populations, according to data availavle with Maharashtra’s health department. A total 2.46 crore people have been vaccinated in Maharashtra so far. Kolhapur has achieved 66.64 per cent vaccination, which is the highest in the state, while its positivity rate was 16.06 per cent last week.

In Sangli, 59.74 per cent people have been administered the jabs, while the district’s positivity rate was 6.09 per cent. In Satara, 58.77 per cent people have been inoculated and the positivity rate was 6.94 per cent. Pune’s positivity rate was 11.91 per cent, although 50.94 per cent people have been vaccinated there.
Maharashtra’s average positivity rate last week was 5.98 per cent. Average vaccination was 38.51 per cent.

Dr Avinash Supe, a member of the state health task force and former dean of KEM Hospital in Mumbai, said it was true that Pune (Rural), Kolhapur, Satara and Sangli were among the six districts reporting high positivity rates despite a large number of vaccinations. 

“However, we have to check this very minutely…As of now, I do not see any correlation between vaccine doses adminstered and the high number of cases. But we have to check it in detail by conducting more ground-level studies,” he said.

He said that those from affluent sections may be taking vaccines, while people in the rural and poorer regions are getting infected. “However, unless a comprehensive study is conducted, it will be wrong to say anything with certainty,” Dr Supe added.

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