Uttar Pradesh cops save man hanging from noose after call from alert daughter



NOIDA: A 45-year-old man hanging from a noose inside his house was saved by policemen in Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi district who promptly reached the location following a call from his daughter, officials said on Tuesday.

Police were alerted by the Class 11 girl who called up the emergency number 112 on the instructions of her elder brother who was away from home but sensed the criticalness of the situation.

“The police response vehicle (PRV) got the call at 2.10 pm on Monday and it reached the house, which lies on the outskirts of a village, covering a distance of three kilometres in just around three minutes,” an official with the 112 emergency number said.

Sub-Inspector Shivdas was the commander of PRV-1195 and Home Guard Prem Narayan its driver, the officials said.

The PRV officials said that after they reached the house, they looked into the room through a window and saw the man hanging from the noose.

“Some other people had gathered there and all thought the man was dead. I noticed a slight movement and immediately started breaking the door which was bolted from inside. With the help from two more people, we broke the door and brought the man down by releasing him from the noose,” Prem Narayan told PTI.

Water was sprinkled on his face and he regained consciousness after which he was rushed to a local hospital from where he returned home later in the day, the officials said.

“He is doing fine now,” the man’s son, who requested that the family not be identified, told PTI over phone on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old son said his father attempted suicide because he was “intoxicated” and upset with his mother, who had gone to the farms after a tiff in the afternoon.

“I was not in the village when my younger sister called me to inform me of what had happened. I sensed the criticality and told her to immediately call the police on 100 (112 now) instead of wasting time looking for help in the village, she did that and the police also reached quickly,” he added.

The family, meanwhile, requested people to not share videos or pictures of the episode on social media.

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