Two held for extorting money from people by threatening to circulate their obscene video



NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police has arrested two men from Rajasthan in two separate cases for allegedly extorting money from people by threatening to circulate their obscene videos, officials said on Saturday.

In the first incident, 23-year-old Ijajul, a resident of Rajasthan, was arrested for demanding money from a person after morphing his video, police said.

A case was registered on the complaint of a person who alleged that he received a friend request from a Facebook account, the police said.

He received a video call after shared his contact with the accused following which Ijajul morphed his video.

He made an obscene video and started blackmailing him and demanding money in lieu of not circulating the video on social media, police said.

The accused was apprehended from his native place in Rajasthan on Friday.

He disclosed that he was the gang leader and adopted this modus operandi to trap his Facebook friends who hail from Delhi and Mumbai, Deputy Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) Deepak Yadav said.

Ijajul had been released from jail earlier this month in a similar case.

His brother was also arrested in a similar case, police said.

In another incident, a 25-year-old man, also from Rajasthan, was arrested for allegedly extorting money from a retired person after threatening to circulate his obscene video on the internet, police said.

The accused has been identified as Nasir, a resident of Bharatpur in Rajasthan, they said.

On October 2, the police received a complaint from the retired person in which the victim alleged that he was receiving extortion calls from different numbers, and the caller had introduced himself as officials of a social media platform, police said.

He alleged that the callers had been demanding money, stating that they have received a complaint from a woman who has alleged that the complainant had been exploiting her, police said.

The accused demanded money from him in lieu of not uploading his video.

Out of fear, the complainant transferred around Rs 4 lakh as the accused threatened to implicate the retired person in a rape case, they said.

The extortionists were using over 100 mobile phones and more than 1,000 SIM cards issued on fake IDs, they said.

On October 13, the police received information that the kingpin of the gang will visit Nagar in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur.

The police conducted raids and Nasir was apprehended from Nagar, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Alok Kumar said.

Nasir’s brother Shakir is also wanted in this case.

He used to work as a truck driver.

Later, he saw that many people in his circle were earning a lot of money using this modus operandi and also cyber cheating, Kumar said.

For the last two years, he also got involved in this crime and started extorting and cheating people, the police added.

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