‘Thank You For What?’: NSUI starts campaign to counter UGC directive on PM banners



NEW DELHI: The Congress-affiliated NSUI on Tuesday initiated a campaign ”Thank You For What?” in response to the UGC’s directive of asking universities to put up posters thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for starting free vaccination for people aged 18 and above.

The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) put up the posters under the campaign at the Delhi University on Tuesday and will also put them up at other varsities.

NSUI national president Neeraj Kundan appealed to the students to counter Prime Minister’s posters by raising questions.

“Should we thank the PM for not declaring any relief packages for the students? Should we thank the PM for not making any vaccination policy for the students? Should we thank the PM for not giving any relaxation in the fees and loan for the students ? Should we thank the PM for ignoring the voices of the unemployed? Should we thank the PM for being the reason to ruin the academic year of the students?” he said.

The NSUI plans to reply to these PM posters on the university campuses by initiating the campaign of ”Thank You for What” posters, he added.

Kundan said issues concerning the students should be addressed and money should be spent for their welfare.

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