Received 28,350 Remdesivir injections from makers against 1.75 lakh ordered: Rajasthan govt



JAIPUR: The Rajasthan government on Sunday said the state had placed an order for purchase of 1.75 lakh Remdesivir injections from various drug manufacturers in April, but it has so far received only 28,350 of them.

For the period from April 21 to April 30, a total of 26,500 Remdesivir injections have been allocated to Rajasthan by the Centre, Health Minister Raghu Sharma said in a statement.

He said after efforts of the Rajasthan government, the Centre allocated another 67,000 injections to the state.

The Health Minister said 250 metric tonne (MT) of oxygen is required in the state in view of the ongoing coronavirus situation.

The Centre has allocated 140 MT oxygen to the state.

Currently, 23 tankers each having a filling capacity of 4 to 6 MT are available for liquid oxygen transport in the state, the Rajasthan Health minister said.

An additional requirement of six tankers, each with a capacity of 30 MT oxygen, has been made, Sharma said.

He said a continuous rise in screening facilities for the prevention and treatment of the coronavirus infection in the state is being made and the number of oxygen beds is also being increased continuously according to the requirement.

“Rajasthan is among the leading states of the country (in terms of vaccinating people).

Every effort is also being made to supply oxygen and other drugs, including Remdisvir, to the needy” he added.

So far, 4.95 lakh people have been found infected with the coronavirus in Rajasthan and 3.67 lakh of them have recovered from the infection, while the state has an active case count of 1.27 lakh.

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