Omicron: Seven days institutional quarantine mandatory for passengers coming to Maha from at-risk countries


Express News Service

In the wake of the Omnicron variant concern and possible spread, the Maharashtra government issued a circular on Tuesday making seven days of institutional quarantine mandatory for the international passengers who are coming from at-risk countries. 

Maharashtra chief secretary Debhasish Chakraborty issued the circular on Tuesday making it in effect from November 30, 2021. According to the circular, the passenger coming to the airport will have to declare his or her past 15 days travel history to the government-appointed person at the airport across Maharashtra. If the passengers give false information, then action will be taken against them as per government norms. 

The international passengers arriving from the at-risk countries declared by the government of India will have to undergo seven days of institutional quarantine. The RT-PCR test of these at-risk countries passengers will be carried out on the 2nd, 4th and 7th day of his or her stay. If any of their tests is found positive, then they will be shifted to a hospital. If the result of the test is negative, then there will be seven days home quarantine. 

The circular further reads that if the passengers are from any other countries except at risk, then the RTPCR will be carried at airports and if the result of the test is positive, they will be sent to hospitals. If the result is negative, then 14 days of home quarantine is mandatory. If the passengers are arriving in Mumbai through the connecting flights, then the test will be carried out at the airport. If the test is negative then only will he or she be allowed to take the connecting flight. In case of a positive result, the concerned airlines and country will be informed about these particular passengers. 

In the case of domestic travellers within the state, the person should be fully vaccinated or the latest 48 hours RT-PCR test with a negative report is mandatory. If the passengers are coming from other states, then the RTPCR test with 48 hours with a negative report is mandatory. There will be no exception.

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