MP: Cop shunted out for forcing kids to perform sit-ups after video goes viral



BHOPAL: A police personnel was removed from field duty after he forced a group of children to perform sit-ups for bathing in Bhopal’s Upper Lake in violation of coronavirus-induced restrictions, a senior official said on Tuesday.

A diver of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation caught a few children taking a bath in the lake on Sunday.

A video which went viral showed a police personnel attached to a Dial-100 vehicle questioning them.

“These children will be forced to do sit-ups as punishment so as to teach them a lesson and then only they will be allowed to go home as they came out in violation of lockdown,” the diver is heard saying in the video.

After the video came to light, the police personnel, who is of assistant sub-inspector rank, was `line-attached’ (removed from field duty), officials said.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Irshad Wali confirmed the action taken against him.

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