Maharashtra Covid-19 mortality rate beginning to ebb, CM Uddhav sets target of zero


Express News Service

MUMBAI: Maharashtra has seen a major drop in Covid-19 cases in the last few days. Mortality rate has also fallen, by almost 0.40 per cent, placing the state at number six in the countrywide state tally, according to the state health department.

The state’s mortality rate was more than the national average a few days back. Punjab’s mortality rate now is the highest across India right now, at 2.5 per cent, followed by 1.94 per cent in Uttarakhand, 1.69 per cent in Delhi, 1.68 per cent in Goa, and 1.66 per cent in Sikkim. In Maharashtra, the mortality rate at the moment is 1.65 per cent. The state was ranled third on this list not too long ago.

Maharashtra has a total of 57,13,215 positive cases with 94,030 deaths. The all-India average mortality is 1.17 per cent, as against a global mortality rate of 2.08 per cent. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has said that the district administrations must work towards zero mortality. He said the government was preparing for a third wave.

In the devastating second wave of the pandemic, high mortality was reported from rural areas of Maharashtra, while in the cities, cases were initially high, but the mortality rate was low. In rural areas, the positive cases are high, while mortality is also plummeting in urban localities in rural Maharashtra.

State Health Minister Rajesh Tope said the government has identified the districts where positive cases and mortality were high and executed micro-planning to tackle the pandemic situation. He said the mortality rate was very high in the first wave because everyone was new to the virus. With treatment, the situation started turning better and it is almost under control now, he claimed.

“The cases peaked in April with the count as high as 70,000 cases per day. It has now come below 20,000 per day. For two days, per day cases are below 15,000. It shows that the situation is speedily improving following strict lockdown and implementation of pandemic rules. Besides, doctors are also getting used to the treatment,” said a senior government official.

Maharashtra has slowly started relaxing lockdown hours and shops have been permitted to operate within those hours. Overall, there has been some improvement amid the constant need to take precacutions.

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