Issue SOPs to contain spread of new Delta Plus AY.4.2: Rajasthan CM Gehlot to Centre



JAIPUR: Expressing concern over cases of a sublineage of SARS CoV2’s delta variant, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot asked the central government on Monday to prepare and issue standard operating procedures (SOPs) for its prevention.

In a tweet, he said many cases of Delta Plus AY.4.2, a new mutated form of coronavirus that has killed thousands of people in several countries like Russia and the UK, have been found in India.

“The central government should prepare and issue SOPs for its prevention on the basis of the experience of other countries,” Gehlot tweeted in Hindi.

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“Initially, there were only a few cases of the delta variant but it did not take time to spread across the country,” he said.

The chief minister added that the government should learn from previous experiences and make full preparations to deal with the new variant.

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