IAF, Navy continue to ferry oxygen, other COVID related medical equipment


Express News Service

NEW DELHI: The Indian Air Force and the Navy have been relentlessly transporing the much-needed oxygen tankers, cylinders and other related medical equipment as the country continues to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Till Thursday morning, the IAF had made 166 international sorties clocking 820 hours of flying. The Strategic Transport lift aircraft C-17 and IL-76 ferried 120 containers totalling an airlift of 1002 Metric Tonnes (containers) in addition to 562 MT (other equipment).

IAF has conducted 1,430 domestic sorties and has transported 665 tankers with total of 2267 flying hours, told the source. “Close to 11109 MT (tankers) in addition to 331 MT (other equipment) was ferried. In addition, 709 MT of mission load was carried by the Covid Air Support Management Cell,” source added.

On the other hand, the nine dedicated warships of the Indian Navy under the Mission Samudra Setu-II have completed 11 international missions to the friendly countries which include Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, and Brunei.

On Thursday, Indian Navy’s amphibious warship INS Shardul disembarked four ISO containers carrying 80 MT of liquid medical Oxygen at Kochi port.

Operation Samudra Setu-II was launched by the Indian Navy for shipment of medical Oxygen-filled cryogenic containers and associated medical equipment from various countries in support of the nation’s fight against Covid-19.

The deployment of frontline warships including destroyers, frigates, tankers and amphibious ships of the Indian Navy for Operation Samudra Setu-II forms a significant part of the multiple lines of efforts, by the Government of India and the Indian Navy to supplement the Oxygen requirement in the country.

As part of the operation, INS Shardul embarked 270 Metric Tonnes (MT) of liquid medical oxygen from Kuwait and UAE including 11 International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) containers, two semi-trailers and 1200 Oxygen cylinders. The ship arrived at New Mangalore Port on 25 May 2021 and disembarked with 190 MT of liquid medical oxygen comprising seven ISO containers, two semi-trailers and 1200 Oxygen cylinders.

In total, the Indian Navy has ferried 910 MT of Liquified Medical Oxygen in 45 Containers in addition to the 11 such empty containers and more than 10,000 oxygen cylinders of which more than 5000 were filled.

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