‘Humanity will triumph’: Priyanka Gandhi urges people to stand by each other on Covid crisis



NEW DELHI: Urging people to stand by each other and defeat the despair caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Tuesday said it hurts that those in power not just “shirked responsibility” but continuously “spun a web of lies” refusing to address people’s difficulties.

In an emotional audio message on Instagram, accompanied by photographs conveying the devastation caused by the pandemic, the Congress general secretary said “we are passing through a dark era”.

“I know that many of you are suffering from the enormous pain of losing loved ones, many are praying for the welfare of their loved ones and are very worried about their health. The pandemic has shaken us all, has changed our lives. Nothing remains like it was earlier,” she said.

“It hurts that those who had power in their hands, who were in positions of responsibility, they not just shirked responsibility but continuously spun a web of lies and refused to understand the difficulties people faced,” Priyanka Gandhi said in the audio message accompanied by pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a poll rally, and media reports of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath stating that the state has sufficient oxygen.

However, she also noted that during this time people are also coming together extraordinarily and helping each other.

“I hope that people helping each other and standing by each other in times of grief will also have an effect on the rulers and they will realise their responsibilities,” Priyanka Gandhi said.

The clouds of fear and despair are looming large and there is only one alternative for coming out of these dark times — do not tire, she said in her message in Hindi.

“We will defeat despair, we will lessen the impact of the pandemic by our sensitivity towards each other. The doctors, health workers, ambulance drivers and all those people who are working to save people’s lives are like a ray of hope for us,” she asserted.

Asserting that the people are fighting for the coming generations, Priyanka Gandhi said this is an extraordinary fight but “humanity will triumph”.

“I know that right now thinking about going out without masks, hugging somebody or playing with kids in parks may seem like a dream,” she said.

“But this will happen. Once again the sun of hope will rise, once again children will blossom in schools, once again there will be cricket in gullies and once again women will gather on the rooftops and sing the birthday song,” she said.

Priyanka Gandhi urged people to keep helping each other and provide strength to “keep the lamp of hope burning and write a new script for humanity”.

Her message comes days after she had urged people to show compassion and be each other’s strongest support to tide over the coronavirus crisis.

In a Facebook post titled ‘We Shall Overcome’, Priyanka Gandhi had said that “by gathering up our strength amidst despair, by doing whatever we can to provide comfort to others, by refusing to tire and persisting with the will to carry on against all odds, we shall overcome”.

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