Five Covid deaths in four months despite full jabs, four AEFI-forced hospitalisations


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NEW DELHI:  Five fully vaccinated people died of Covid from March to June in India, according to a Right to Information (RTI) response from the Centre. In the same period, another four patients were to be hospitalised following Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI). The Union Ministry of Health made this submission to an RTI application by this correspondent seeking data on Covid deaths post completion of both vaccine doses. 

“Based on the information from Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) reports received from districts, four patients were to be hospitalised and five died who tested positive following receipt of both vaccines,” the health ministry said in its response.

Notably, the health ministry said that the immunisation section does not maintain data and therefore no information is available to furnish regarding the details of healthcare workers who tested Covid positive or succumbed due to the infection after receiving vaccines.

After analysing the data between April and August, the ministry on Thursday said that one vaccine dose alone is 96.6% effective in preventing Covid-19 deaths while two doses are 97.5% effective.   “Any vaccine will not provide 100 per cent efficacy against Covid-19. The response to vaccines can vary from person to person. Comorbidities and immuno-compromised factors are also responsible and play a role in how the vaccine works on a human body,” Dr Neeraj Nischal, professor of medicine at AIIMS, told this newspaper while explaining the cause of breakthrough infections. 

The doctor  further explained about how the vaccine works differenly from individual to individual. 
“Such people remain at a higher risk of testing positive even after receiving both doses. The effect of vaccines on a young and healthy body with that of a 70-year-old with co morbidities will be different. That’s why it is advised that even after vaccines, one should take precautions,” the senior doctor added. 

‘Vaccine efficacy depends case to case’
According to a senior AIIMS doctor, vaccines are not 100 per cent effective. He added co-morbidities and other factors are responsible for how the vaccine works on a human body. Such people remain at higher risks for testing positive. 

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