‘Even their father cannot arrest me’: Ramdev after IMA sends defamation notice


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DEHRADUN: A new video of yoga guru Baba Ramdev surfaced on Wednesday in which he can be heard saying no one has the courage to arrest him after his remarks that “allopathy is stupid science” kicked up a firestorm. In the video, the yoga guru is heard saying, “No one can arrest Saint Ramdev. They are just making noises. Let them do what they do best.”

“They are just making a noise. They keep creating trends like Thug Ramdev, Mahathug Ramdev, Giraftar Ramdev and so on,” he said responding to #Arrest Ramdev trends on social media.

“Arrest to khair unka baap bhi nahin kar sakta Swami Ramdev ko (even their father cannot arrest Swami Ramdev),” he is caught saying in the video.

The yoga guru’s latest video shows he is not apologetic at all about making “insensitive” comments about allopathy and allopathic practitioners, a doctor said in Dehradun.

“Ramdev’s statement is full of arrogance. It shows that he considers himself above the law,” he said reacting to the latest video of Ramdev.

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Meanwhile, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to take action to stop the alleged misinformation campaign by Baba Ramdev “It is well proved that by vaccination we save our people and country from catastrophic cascades of severe infection. At this juncture, painfully we bring to your kind notice, the video claiming 10,000 doctors have died in spite of taking both the doses of vaccine and lakhs of people have died due to allopathic medicine are circulating virally in the social media, as said by Mr Ramdev, owner of Patanjali products,” the body said in its letter.

“We the members of the modern medicine professionals submit; we follow the guidelines and protocols issued by the ministry of health through ICMR or the National Task Force in our treatment offered to millions of people coming to our hospitals. If someone is claiming the allopathic medicine has killed people, it is an attempt to challenge the ministry which has issued the protocol for treatment to us,” it stated.

Dr DD Chaudhary, member of the central working committee of the IMA, said, “We condemn his statements against the modern medicine system and the way he is challenging the central, state governments of the country. We also request the honorable high courts and the Supreme Court of India to take suo moto cognizance of the matter.” 

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