Don’t blame Kumbh Mela for spread of COVID-19: Ravi Kishan to Opposition



GORAKHPUR: BJP MP Ravi Kishan on Wednesday asked the Congress leaders and other opposition parties to stop blaming the Kumbh Mela for the spread of coronavirus in the country.

In a video message, the Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur said the pandemic has engulfed the entire world and blaming Kumbh or Hinduism for its spread was wrong.

“Please don’t do politics on the pandemic and come together and help people. You have been doing politics for the last 70 years and if you exist, you will do it in future but this is not the right time to play politics over deaths of people,” Kishan said referring to the Congress party.

“Go and talk to those who lost their family members due to COVID-19. Please help in saving lives instead of doing politics,” he added.

“The BJP is here for the service of the people and not for doing politics, and BJP workers, MPs , MLAs as well as RSS along with other organisations are continuously serving people,” he claimed.

“You (Congress) are putting efforts to defame PM Narendra Modi and SP, BSP, Mamta ji (Mamata Banerjee) all are doing the same. Please spare Hinduism and Kumbh Mela as there is no Kumbh Mela in other parts of the world but the entire world is facing this pandemic,” he said.

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