Day after praising Mamata, Tripura BJP MLA tonsures head, atones at Bengal temple for joining party


Express News Service

GUWAHATI: A Tripura BJP MLA on Tuesday tonsured his head at the famous Kalighat temple in Kolkata to atone for the “blunder” he made by joining the saffron party.

The Surma MLA, Asish Das, said the “evil” BJP was “swallowing” the entire country. “I feel I had committed a crime by becoming a part of the BJP. It was a blunder that I made. I offered puja at Kalighat temple and tonsured my head to make amends,” Das told The New Indian Express.

He continued: “I realised the evil BJP is swallowing the country. I prayed to God to seek the destruction of this evil power.”

The farmer-turned-MLA said the people of Tripura had voted the BJP to power in 2018 seeking a change. He said people misunderstood the elected representatives and were blaming them for failing to fulfill their hopes and aspirations.

“So, I thought I must expiate by offering a puja,” Das said.

He said he was not bothered by any possible disciplinary action by the BJP, stating “I am neither a thief nor a goon. I am not corrupt either”.

He said he has always protested against injustice and would never compromise it. He also said that he had no relation with the Trinamool Congress and he was not joining the party as speculated.

On Monday, Das spoke very highly about TMC chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee but criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “selling out most government properties to the private parties”.

He claimed many people and organisations in the country wanted Mamata as the PM. “Mamata Banerjee is now a very popular political face in the country,” the MLA had said.

The BJP said Das was at liberty to offer puja. “He is free to offer puja. We wish that good sense prevails on him,” Tripura BJP spokesperson Navendu Bhattacharjee said.

He said the party would decide appropriately based on the various statements the MLA was giving to the media.

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