COVID-19: Chhattisgarh govt recognises journalists, lawyers as frontline workers


Express News Service

RAIPUR: The Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh government on Sunday finally declared journalists as ‘frontline workers’ amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The media professionals who are accredited with the state government and those certified by the district public relation officer would be deemed as ‘frontline workers’.

According to the directorate of public relations officials, over 3000 journalists engaged in their duty during the pandemic are likely to be covered as frontline workers in the state.

Besides the journalists, Chhattisgarh also announced to include lawyers, state government employees, state public sector undertaking employees, people with comorbidity, vegetable vendors, angadwadi workers, Mitanins (community health workers) and public distribution managers.

Chief Minister Bhupesh declared that the frontline workers and their immediate family members will get priority in the Covid-19 vaccination.

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