Bihar CM NItish Kumar writes special birthday wish for PM Modi on whiteboard


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PATNA: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday, amid dissension on some issues between BJP and the JD-U, had a special birthday wish for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Kumar first wished PM Modi through his official Twitter handle and later wrote the birthday wish to the prime minister on a whiteboard. The whiteboard was placed near the venue, where the mega vaccination drive was inaugurated by him.

Nitish Kumar wrote the special birthday wish in Hindi, conveying a message about his emerging political chemistry with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“The special mega one-day vaccination with a target of administering jabs to nearly 30 lakh of people on the occasion of the PM’s birthday has been launched. This is how the Bihar is wishing to the PM”, Nitish Kumar told the media.

Be recalled, the PM Modi in March this year on the birthday of CM Nitish Kumar had also given a special wish through a tweet, describing him( Nitish Kumar) as one of his (PM) friends and Bihar’s hardworking Chief Minister.

“Nitish Kumar Ji’s persistence ensured Bihar emerged out of the shadows of years of misrule. His people governance has touched the lives of many. I pray for Nitish Ji’s long and healthy life”, the PM had tweeted after mentioning Nitish Kumar as a friend in the same tweet.

The CM’s birthday wish to the PM on Friday stirred the state politics and interpretations started coming out from political experts amid the growing dissension between the BJP and the JD-U over some issues including the Caste Census.

“The CM has returned the birthday wish he was given by the PM in March this year in which the PM had described him as a ‘ friend’, by writing a birthday wish to the PM on a whiteboard. Through this act, Nitish Kumar has exhibited growing political bonhomie between him and the PM”, Arun Kumar Pandey, a political expert said.

Earlier, Nitish Kumar in 2017, when the state was under the governance of the Grand Alliance, during the Prakash Parv, had filled the colour in a white lotus on a white canvas. After which, there was a tremendous flutter in the politics of Bihar and later he switched from the Grand Alliance to be with the BJP.

The picture showing Nitish Kumar writing a birthday wish to the PM on Friday went viral speculating that Nitish Kumar has given a clear-cut message to the loudmouth leaders of JDU-U, BJP and other allies to shun passing unwarranted statements against each other.

In recent times, many leaders of both BJP and the JDU had indulged in a tug of war over some petty issues, giving an impression that everything in the NDA was not well. The JDU had expressed its stand contrary to the BJP on the issues of the Caste Census and the new population policy.

A couple of days ago, the leaders of BJP and JDU were at loggerheads against each other on the issue of illegal infiltrators in Bihar’s Seemanchal areas. Meanwhile, the leaders of BJP and the NDA allies including the LJP and the VIP expressed their birthday wishes in different ways.

BJP leader Arjun Sahani in Darbhanga celebrated the PM birthday on 71 boats with 71 kg of ladoos and 71 ponds cake in flood-affected Darbhanga district.

Mukesh Sahni-the VIP chief as an ally of BJP in NDA, offered fodder to71000 fishes in the Ganges on the occasion of PM Modi’s birthday while the LJP served foods to the poor people at the party office.

The Bihar BJP has started a 20-day long celebration by organising a series of activities across the state. A photo exhibition was put up on the life of the PM from his childhood to the time of becoming the PM. A BJP leader offered worship to the portrait in which Modi was painted as Lord Vishwakarma.

Meanwhile, till the time of reporting, Bihar has admitted jabs to more than 23 lakh of people in a single and final figure of vaccinated people were collected. In total for the first time, the NDA allies exhibited their unity through a series of activities organised to give birthday wishes to the PM Modi.

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