Bihar CM Nitish Kumar visits residences of party leaders to spread Holi joy


By Express News Service

PATNA: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, accompanied by his senior cabinet colleague Vijay K Choudhary, adhering to all safety protocols of COVID-19, celebrated Holi with a difference on Monday. He paid surprise visits to the residences of some senior party leaders and greeted them on the occasion of Holi. He also placed tilak on their foreheads.

Kumar, without any prior planning, visited the party’s most aged and senior leader Vashishth N Singh, greeted him with sweets and spent some time at his residence. Before Kumar’s visit, Bhagwan Singh Kushwaha had visited Singh’s residence which has also triggered a speculation of Kushwaha’s home coming back to JDU. At present, Kushwaha is in LJP.

After visiting Singh’s residence, the CM paid a surprise visit to the residence of senior leader and Minister of Building Construction Dr Ashok K Choudhary. “It was a great gift and blessing to us on Holi from a leader like Nitish Kumar ji, who with our senior leader Vijay K Choudhary and others, visited our residence. We felt sentimental as well as extremely grateful to the chief minister, who blessed us like a guardian”, Dr Choudhary said.

The chief minister ate some”pakban”(cuisines) cooked on the occasion of holi at Choudhry’s residence.

“We wish all a very happy, healthy and colourful life with peace, prosperity and brotherhood”, the CM was heard saying while speaking to other colleagues.

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