Bihar: Children orphaned by Corona start getting financial assistances


Express News Service

PATNA: The Dadhichi Dehdan Samiti is the first such organisation in the country that has started giving “maintenance assistance” of Rs 500 for the next 3 years to 582 children, who have become orphaned during the second wave of the Covid pandemic in Bihar. 

In the next one month, the social organization has announced to provide monthly financial assistance to 1000 children who suffered after the deaths of their parents.

The Chief Patron of Dadhichi Dehdan Samiti, Sushil Kumar Modi on Tuesday speaking to the media said, “As per a decision taken earlier by the committee, each of 582 children, rendered orphans by the Covid-19, will be given Rs 500 per month for the next 3 years as the maintenance assistance”. 

Modi said that Dadhichi Dehdan Samiti in Bihar is the first such social organization in the country, which has initiated such assistance for the maintenance of children, orphaned after the death of either of their parents due to corona. 

A total of 850 children can be helped through this initiative. In Bihar, a total of 9606 people have lost their lives d during the first and second waves of the Corona pandemic. As per the official figure, 1,624 children have been rendered orphans due to the death of either of the parents. The number of children who have lost their fathers due to Covid-19 is 1286, while the total number of children who have lost their mothers due to Corona is 302. 

“There are only 36 children in Bihar whose parents both have died of corona”, Modi said.

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