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Mystical Cloud Dessert That Floats Has Taken The Internet By Storm

Last Updated: March 18, 2023, 17:37 IST

The dish floats in air before landing on plate. (Image Credit : Facebook/LADbible Australia)

This dessert is made of helium and water distilled from the soil, which condensates to release an “aromatic rain” on the plate.

High-end restaurants have a thing for turning the simplest dishes into something fancy. Just like this restaurant in Spain is serving its client a floating dessert. Despite what the name might have you believe, this is not a simple play on words. This dish actually floats in the air to make its way to the customer’s plate. A clip showed a server chopping off a part of the dessert. It instantly rises in the air like a balloon. He then guides it to the plate of the customer. Shared by LADbible Australia on Facebook, the “mystical-looking cloud” is a dish made of helium and water distilled from the soil. It is then condensed “to release an ‘aromatic rain’ on the plate.”

Whether it is fancy or not is not a question. Social media users are busy wondering why it looks like soap bubbles. Some remarked that it looked like someone had put soap bubbles on the utensils. Others were sure that it would not taste as appetizing as it sounds. A Facebook user wrote, “Living on the west coast of Scotland I can hand on heart say, any dessert filling with rain isn’t as appetizing as it sounds.”

Another user commented, “You’d think the person washing the glasses didn’t rinse and dry them properly.”

“These people be spending on bubbles that cost a grand while I am worried about spending on my week’s groceries to survive,” read another comment.

This is not the only unique dish out there floating around on the internet. These days, social media seems to be filled with bizarre food combo trends. Brace yourself for the Croissant Ramen Bowl. This ramen bowl has a buttery and flaky croissant, paired with a creamy Tonkotsu Miso Soup. This is anything but your typical ramen bowl. It comes with a black garlic curry soup that adds a unique twist to the dish. The bowl will also have two slices of Chasu, brown Shimenji mushrooms, bean sprouts, cabbage, and an egg. It is an explosion of flavours like no other. The post was captioned, “Our Mission is to Bring the Authentic Japanese Ramen Experience to each and every one of you. But For this time Around We are Proud to Introduce a one of Kind Collaboration Bowl.”

This became the talk of the town, making people wonder what is going to be next in a Ramen bowl.

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