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‘Muslims Need Justice, I’m Not Seen as Outsider’: BJP’s Hyderabad Candidate Madhavi Latha on Owaisi Challenge – News18

Kompella Madhavi Latha is particularly known for her work to improve the living conditions of both Hindu and Muslim women. (Image: News18/File)

Kompella Madhavi Latha will take on AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi in Hyderabad, which has been his bastion for 40 years, for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls

Kompella Madhavi Latha dons many hats and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is a devout Sanatani, a social educator and philanthropist, mother of three homeschooled children and the top boss of a leading private hospital.

While these attributes have always defined her in the past, she is now the BJP candidate from Hyderabad for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, where she will take on AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi in his bastion of 40 years. Will she be able to make a dent in a constituency where Muslim voters call the shots?

Excerpts from an interview:

Did you expect this surprise debut? It’s a big responsibility. You are also the first-ever woman candidate to be fielded here.

Big responsibility because I have to educate voters. I had no clue that I would be chosen. But, I have been working in this constituency and have always been myself. I never worked on communal lines… I have the support of Muslim women.

You are a strong proponent of Sanatan Dharma. How do you intend to make inroads into a constituency where the majority of voters are Muslims?

Sanatan Dharma tells us to understand the pain of people without discrimination. Dharma fights injustice. I don’t see any difference between Hindus and Muslims when it comes to solving their pain. Muslims need justice. I have been working for women, orphans and Pasmanda Muslims. I’m not seen as an outsider.

Your predecessors couldn’t make inroads into Owaisi’s bastion. What is it that you are going to do differently in this Muslim-dominated constituency?

Modi ji (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) is my biggest inspiration. He ensured justice for women. I am really fortunate to get this opportunity to be their woman candidate. I will stand up for women’s justice.

The BJP has focused on narratives like Rohingyas, surgical strikes, demolishing masjids as Owaisi says. How will you counter that narrative?

When you talk about Rohingya Muslims, they don’t belong to this country. Why should we share our Muslims’ rights with them? Do you think our Muslims get equal rights in other countries? They don’t. We are not against Muslims. We want their upliftment by standing up to those who have been using them as a vote bank.

What is your X factor?

Overnight, a screen opened for me. They have given me the responsibility of a constituency whose doors have been shut for a long time. It’s a challenge, and it’s time we see the sun rising in the Old City.

What is your challenge to Asaduddin Owaisi?

Bhaiya ab baari humari hai. 40 saal de diya… (Brother, it’s our turn now. You’ve given 40 years)

What are the top five things you want to do as an MP if voted to power?

Uplift women and give them freedom to raise their voice. Educate people, give jobs to the youth. Eradicate malnourishment, and [improve] sanitisation. They need hope, without having someone dividing the constituency on the basis of religion.

The Congress says Owaisi is your ‘B-team’ along with the BRS. In fact, due to this narrative, the BRS lost a major chunk of minority votes in the recent assembly elections.

The fact that the BJP has given me the seat goes to show that they have proved them wrong, those who repeatedly say that Owaisi is the ‘B-team’ of the BJP.

Does the list also include the BJP’s vow to rename Hyderabad to Bhagyanagar?

Bhagyanagar has always been the name of Hyderabad, as it was named after Bhagmati. So, this time, I appeal to the people to give a chance to this daughter-in-law. Nothing wrong if Hyderabad is renamed Bhagyanagar. We should also get a chance. Kabhi toh mauka dijiye (Give us a chance too).

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