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Meet Ganesh Baraiya, Just 3-Foot-Tall Gujarat Doctor Who Overcame All Odds To Pursue Medicine

New Delhi: 23-year-old Ganesh Baraiya a 3-foot-tall doctor from Bhavnagar, Gujarat has surmounted the steepest of challenges to fulfill his dream to pursue medicine. He stood against all the odds with his determination. His life journey showcases resilience and the triumph of perseverance. Ganesh Baraiya comes from a tribal family Bhavnagar’s Garakhi village. Baraiya did not give up when the Medical Council of India disqualified him from pursuing an MBBS owing to his short height some years back in 2018.

He took the help of his school principal, approached the District Collector and state Education Minister, and then knocked on the doors of the Gujarat High Court. Later, he won the case and was granted admission to the Bhavnagar Government Medical College, Gujarat in 2019. 


Baraiya’s Journey Of Success 

Baraiya, who scored 223 marks in NEET is a son of a farmer. He has eight siblings and is the first in his family to pursue higher education. None of his sisters studied beyond class 10. After finishing his MBBS, he is now working as an intern at Sir-T Hospital in Bhavnagar. 

Talking about his initial struggle, Dr. Baraiya said, “After I passed Class 12th, cleared the NEET exam, and filled up the form, the Medical Council of India committee rejected me for my height.” “They said that I would not be able to handle emergency cases because of my short height,” he added further.

Baraiya says he met the Bhavnagar collector and state education min to get some help in his ordeal. After trying everything out, he then decided to move to SC.

“Following the directions, we decided to take the case to the Gujarat High Court. We lost the case in the High Court but then we decided to challenge the decision in the Supreme Court,” he added.

How Baraiya Deals With Everyday Challenges

Baraiya also talked about his everyday challenges owing to his height.  While talking about his struggle,  he said,  “that Though patients judge him for his height initially, they get comfortable over time and accept him as their doctor.” “They behave with him cordially and with positivity. They become happy as well ” he further added. 

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