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Masaba Gupta marks International Yoga Day by doing Bakasana she has been practising for last 2 years. Here’s how it went

Today is a special day for those who love practising yoga or make it a point to include the ancient practice in their workout routine. June 21 is celebrated globally as International Yoga Day. Many celebrities mark the day by dropping pictures and videos of themselves doing various asanas. Fashion designer and actor Masaba Gupta is also one of them. The Modern Love: Mumbai star dropped an image of herself doing a challenging balancing yoga asana, and it will motivate you to overcome the hindrances in your fitness journey.

Masaba posted a photo to mark the International Day of Yoga on Tuesday. It showed the House Of Masaba founder practising Bakasana, also known as the Crow Pose or Crane Pose. The star revealed that she has been doing this asana for the last two years. Masaba added that though her form is not perfect, she is taking baby steps to ace it. Her note pumped us up to take out our yoga mats. (Also Read: Masaba Gupta cuts back on coffee to reduce bloating, shares gluten-free snack)

Masaba posted her picture with the caption, “My time on the mat is sacred. And I’ve been trying to do this asana for two years, and here we are. Not even close to perfect but baby steps. The Bakasana (Crow or Crane Pose) for me is a lesson in confidence and overcoming fear. Trust your own strength, your core and arms and that you will not fall flat on your face. I love yoga for what it does not just do to your body but also to your mind. Happy International Yoga Day! What’s the one asana you want to be able to do this year? #internationalyogaday #worldyogaday #yogi.”

Bakasana or Crow Pose or Crane Pose Benefits:

Bakasana, also known as the Crow Pose or Crane Pose, strengthens arms, core, glutes, adductors and shoulder stabilisers, boosts balance, flexibility and stability, stretches the upper back and groin, makes wrists stronger, and tones the spine. Regular practise of this pose can also increase mental and physical strength.

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