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Lunar Eclipse To Coincide With Holi 2024: Will Chandra Grahan Impact Festival Of Colours – All You Need To Know

For skywatchers across the globe, a significant astronomical event is approaching – the year 2024’s first lunar eclipse. In India, the unique celestial phenomenon will coincide with Holi, the celebration of colours and one of the country’s biggest festivals. The first lunar eclipse of the year will fall on the same day as Holi – March 25. It’s going to be a penumbral lunar eclipse.

What Is Lunar Eclipse?

When the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, causing the Moon to be darkened, a lunar eclipse takes place. “When Earth is positioned precisely between the Moon and Sun, Earth’s shadow falls upon the surface of the Moon, dimming it and sometimes turning the lunar surface a striking red over the course of a few hours. Each lunar eclipse is visible from half of Earth,” NASA mentions. Lunar eclipses occur at the full moon phase. There are three types of lunar eclipses: Total lunar eclipse, Partial lunar eclipse and Penumbral eclipse.

What Is A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse?

The March 25 lunar eclipse is going to be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The Moon travels through the Earth’s penumbra, or the faint outer part of its shadow.The moon dims only slightly and unless you know a lunr eclipse is happening, you might miss it.

Chandra Grahan 2024: Where To Watch The Lunar Eclipse

The first lunar eclipse of 2024 will take place on March 25. It will start at 10:23 am and conclude by 3:02 pm. But this eclipse won’t be visible in India. So the Sutak period won’t be  applicable this time. The lunar eclipse will be visible in parts of Ireland, Belgium, Spain, England, South Norway, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Germany, the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands and France.

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Holi 2024: How Will Lunar Eclipse Impact Holi Celebrations?

According to Indian tradition, the nine-hour period before a lunar eclipse is known as the Sutak period. It is believed that negative energies become dominant during this time and during this period aupicious works are usually avoided. So will the Sutak period impact Holi celebrations this year? Thankfully, no. As the Lunar Eclipse of March 25 won’t be visible in India, the Sutak period won’t be valid. Therefore the Holi puja and celebrations can take place as usual, without any roadblock.

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