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Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis: Check out the epic terms of their bet on the fight

Since the fight was officially announced, Dillon Danis has been very active on social media, directing his comments towards Logan Paul and even Paul’s fiancée. This pre-fight buildup reached its peak at the press conference when the two fighters came face-to-face and engaged in a heated conversation. However, amidst the trash talk, they introduced a rather unique bet.

High Stakes in the Ring: Wedding Bells or Empty Wallets? (Twitter. X)(Twitter. X)

The bet stated that if Dillon Danis emerged victorious against Logan Paul, he would be honored as the best man at Paul’s upcoming wedding with his fiancée, Nina Agdal.

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On the contrary, if Logan Paul emerged as the winner, he would claim the entirety of Danis’ purse. Paul expressed his intention to draft a formal contract for this arrangement, ensuring its legality and commitment.

The conversation started with Danis saying, “If I come out on top, you have to grant me the role of your best man at your wedding”. To which Paul replied, “Alright, and if I win, I will take your entire purse”.

The fighters shook hands on the deal, with Paul mentioning, “You’ll have a contract as proof. I’ll send you a signed contract.”

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Adding to the complexity of the situation in this wager is the fact that Nina Agdal has an ongoing lawsuit against Dillon Danis for his continuous online harassment, including the posting of photos leading up to the fight.

Therefore, even if Danis were to win, it’s doubtful that Agdal would welcome him as the best man at their wedding.

Furthermore, Logan Paul’s brother, Jake Paul, has attempted similar purse bets in his previous boxing matches, so Logan’s decision to do the same comes as no surprise. However, none of those previously proposed bets involving Paul have ever materialized due to various reasons, making it entirely possible that Dillon Danis could retain his purse regardless of the fight’s outcome.

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