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Little Boy Gives A Thumbs Up After Hearing His Voice For The First Time

Last Updated: March 17, 2023, 13:27 IST

Boy hears his voice for the first time with the help of a hearing aid. (credits: Twitter/@GoodNewsMVT)

He looks at his mother and repeats the word “Mama” a couple of times and gives her a thumbs-up with a bright smile.

The sound of our voices is perhaps the most familiar thing to us. After all, most of us don’t ever miss a single word we say. Yet, not everyone has this privilege by birth. One touching video posted on Twitter recently shows a young boy hearing his own voice for the first time. The clip shows the kid getting a hearing aid and being able to listen to and recreate sounds– something he had never done before. His mother and a supportive medical professional help him utter his very first word: Mama.

In the heartwarming video, the young boy is seen seated between his mother and a doctor. He is holding a koala bear plushie toy. The wired hearing aid in one of his ears is clearly visible in the clip. The doctor lightly taps the boy’s hand to get his attention. He proceeds to slowly and clearly enunciate the word “Mama” for the kid to repeat. The boy looks hesitant for a moment.

The professional also gently takes the kid’s hand, places it on his larynx, and says the word “Mama” again. The youngster then quickly picks up on how the sound is produced and tries to recreate it. He repeats the word feebly. It elicits cheers and claps from everyone present in the room. The boy flashes a cute, shy smile at the accomplishment.

As his mother speaks to him, he turns to look at her and repeats the word “Mama” a couple of times while keeping his hand on his larynx. He even gives her a thumbs-up and a bright smile. The mother is visibly emotional and brimming with happiness at the same time.

“Mamá, Mamá: Boy hears his own voice for the first time. The thumbs up at the end,” read the caption of the video.

Take a look here:

Since being posted on March 16, the clip has amassed over 24,000 views. One person called the moment “beautiful” while another said, “best work of doctors and today’s techniques,” followed by a flexed bicep emoji. The video serves as a wonderful reminder of how advancements in science, technology, and medicine can better a person’s quality of life.

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