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Your work-life looks absolutely different, so why shouldn’t your shoes? As your comfy bed or couch becomes your home office, relaxed and snug footwear is the clear choice for the season. Stalking up new styles for the work from home life? Here are some fashionable options for both men and women.

Casual slippers
The simplest way to complete an elegant and relaxed look for an at-home workday. But, simple doesn’t need to mean boring. Get your feet into the most comfortable slippers, thong or cross-straps, in the coolest colors of the season. Show some love to your feet with more room to breathe and unique designs to flaunt.


Live easy, work easy – that’s the lay of the land, isn’t it? When you can’t be bothered with laces or socks, slip-ons have got your back! Be it loafersor mules, the ease of a slip-on shoe is unmatched. Grab some cool pairs for the summer and be productive in style.

Ballerina loafers

The perfect blend of casual and luxe, ballerina loafers can be switched up from Monday morning meetings to late-night clubbing scenes. But, while you’re staying in place, why not use them for the right amount of sass to drive away the Monday or mid-week blues.


They’re easy, laidback, and practical – practically perfect! Casual textile trainers in vibrant colors work incredibly well when you’re racing to meet those deadlines. Opt for extra-comfy, soft, and flexibly-designed shoes that you’ll never want to take off. Live your best life with comfy sneakers that sport elastic lacing – just slip them on and you’re good to go!

Flatforms and platforms

Get the comfort of flats with the confidence of heels with platforms and flatforms that offer you the best of both worlds. Play with colors, straps, and textures, and you’ve got yourself a pair of footwear that you’ll want to show off when you finally step out too!

With inputs from Lavi Pal Singh-AstorMueller Shoes and footwear designer Abhishek Tandon.

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