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We recently cleared the air about the myth associated with eating raw onion and rock salt to cure the deadly COVID19 virus, In the same league, a new video is doing rounds on social media and is called ‘Lemon Therapy’. According to this therapy, you need to add lemon juice to your nostril and it can eliminate the infection of deadly virus.

According to social media, a video is being circulated where a person claims that lemon therapy not only boosts immunity, it also cures COVID19 infection.

As per the video, it is suggested to put two drops of lemon juice in the nostril and it is being claimed that by doing so, all the main organs including eyes, ears, nose and heart would be purified in just 5 seconds. The video also claims that it will provide relief to those who are facing all cold and cough illnesses.

To check the authenticity of the video, the official Twitter page of PIB Fact Check did a cross analysis and revealed that the claim made by the video is fake. There is no scientific evidence that COIVD19 can be cured or eliminated by adding lemon juice to the nose. Have a look at the tweet:

PIB has clearly stated that these are baseless claims and people are advised not to follow such tricks and should follow the rules and preventive measures as guided by the certified doctor or medical practitioners.

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