Weight loss: This 11-year-old replaced milk with curd and buttermilk to lose weight | The Times of India


I usually eat homemade food (dal-sabzi-rice-chicken-dosa), but once a week, I ‘restart’ or tweak my diet which has benefitted me greatly. So according to that, my diet chart is mentioned below. This helps me stay full and never have cravings whatsoever:

After waking up: A glass of warm water

Before heading for a walk, a glass of buttermilk

After coming back, a glass of tender coconut water.

For my breakfast, 3 egg whites/ 1 whole omelette/dosa or upma

Pre-lunch: A bowl of curd/ raita

Lunch: 110 grams of chicken/ tofu (if I have a cheat meal later)

Else, I have chapati with sabzi or dal rice.

I again have a bowl of curd around 4-5 pm, followed by two bananas a while later.

An hour before dinnertime, I again have a glass of buttermilk.

For dinner, it’s usually tofu/eggs/chicken in small quantity. I hit the bed 1-2 hours after my meal.

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): Ice cream, Pasta or Noodles. Whenever I have my cheat day (weekly once), I ensure I just have eggs/ chicken/tofu the previous day in small quantities.

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