Weight loss story: “I replaced refined sugar with dates and here’s how I lost 30 kilos” | The Times of India


My diet choice has always been natural and sustainable. It was clear that I don’t want to follow anything fancy that I won’t be able to follow my whole life. Keeping this in mind, the only thing that I completely cut from my diet plan was refined sugar and fried food. I started having my tea, coffee sugar-free but whenever I make any dessert, I substitute sugar with organic jaggery, honey or crushed dates for sweetness. The goal in mind is to have a calorie- deficit meal. So, as long as you are engaging in some form of working out, occasional binging is fine. After all, you don’t have to kill the foodie inside you, just tell it new ways of enjoyment!

Here’s an example of what my daily diet plan looks like now:

Breakfast – Green tea + Nuts, Poha, Vermicelli, Fruits or Eggs.

Lunch – Lots of vegetables, Salad + 1 multigrain Roti.

Snacks- Fox Nuts, popcorns, Suji Appe or Besan chilla.

Dinner – Saute vegetables, Tofu, Grilled fish or Boiled chicken.

Cheat meals (On Sunday) – Whole wheat pasta, Suji based Pizza, Suji spaghetti or Multigrain bread veg sandwich

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