Weight loss story: “I dropped 100 kg in 10 months with double muscle workouts” | The Times of India


Junaid Jamadar weighed a whopping 200 kilos when his father gave him an ultimatum to lose weight. He remembers the humiliating times people looked at him like a ‘giant’ and mock him for looking a certain way. Taking his father’s intervention seriously, he decided once and for all to get out of bed, workout and start eating healthy, and most importantly, lose weight within 10 months. Here’s his super motivating weight loss story. If he can, so can you:

Name: Junaid Riyajahamad Jamadar

Occupation: Hotel

Age: 26

Height: 5.11 ft

City: Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra

Highest weight recorded: 207.3 kilos

Weight lost: 100 kilos

Duration it took me to lose weight: 10 Months

The turning point: I was extremely obese for my age and seriously compromised my health. But I remember this one time when I witnessed my father’s disappointment…he told me that even if I do nothing in my life, he’ll support me, but the only thing he wanted me to do was to lose weight. That was the time I decided to not procrastinate further.

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