Weight loss: How does the viral ’12-3-30′ TikTok trend to lose weight work? Should you try it too? | The Times of India


The workout centres on the treadmill, which can be a great workout equipment to try your hand at to lose weight. The regime in itself, which focuses on walking is said to promote weight loss since it’s a low-impact exercise form. Without being too strenuous or hard, brisk walking on the treadmill, fans claim can help boost cardiovascular health and burn fat efficiently, when followed regularly.

While walking is a beginner-friendly exercise, brisk walking, at an incline on the treadmill for a considerable amount of time (which is what the 12-3-30 workout makes you do) can deliver vast benefits, and potentially convert a low-impact exercise as such into a vigorous activity, and make you lose weight faster.

Incline climbing or walking is also a great way to test your endurance levels, and an effective exercise for fat loss since it raises your heart rate up, burning more calories while doing a simple exercise like walking. More so, when you follow an incline climb, your leg , back and butt muscles are pushed into doing more work.

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