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There is always something so special about romantic wedding photoshoots that makes them stay in our minds for months and even years. Here is one such beautiful wedding photoshoot of two brides, Gera and Sarika. Gera Ruth is a Virginia based yoga teacher and fitness instructor and Sarika Modi is her lovely Indian bride. The duo got married a few months ago, but their pictures are going viral thanks to the ongoing Pride month celebrations.

The brides did not go ahead with the traditional 7
pheras in their wedding, instead preferred to do 4
pheras around a unity candle. They also exchanged garlands and both of them wore a mangalsutra- which is a must in Hindu culture.

Wedding outfits

The adorable outfits of the brides can make anyone fall in love with the duo. Sarika’s red jumpsuit made her look stunning and Gera’s basic white wedding gown with a veil justified the romance in the air at the wedding. Both the brides honoured their respective wedding traditions by wearing red and white coloured outfits. Both the brides applied henna and wore bangles, which made their wedding even beautiful and adorable.

Reception Ceremony

The couple followed their wedding with a reception ceremony wherein they followed all the necessary precautions like the guests wearing face masks. The unique and aesthetic wedding was shot by photographer Carly Romeo & Co.

We wish this beautiful couple all the love and happiness ahead.

Photo: Carly Romes & Co

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