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Finding our soulmates is a task that requires a great deal of patience. Sometimes, we fall in love at the first sight while some others take months or years to acknowledge their feelings. What we all have in similarity is that we all want to feel loved and accepted. Sadly enough, we tend to reject love when a phase comes in our lives that restrict us from finding happiness. And then, no amount of reassurance or consolation will help us get over the fact that conspiracies bind us from feeling the love. These negative emotions crumble down our confidence making it even harder to love and care.

As a solution, we need to balance ourselves with nature again; Vastu can help us incredibly to do so. Even though not everyone gets a chance to meet their true love at the right time, these home Vastu tips will help you attract love.

1. To attract love towards you, keep an artifact or painting of love birds in the South-west area of your home.

2. If you have blue painted south-facing walls, change the paint immediately, as blue hampers the flow of love.

3. If you are shifting or renovating, don’t sleep in the room in your home’s East or South corner.

4. Incorporate red colour in your life. Wear red clothes, a phone case, a little artifact, or even a handkerchief. The red colour symbolizes love.

5. Choose white and shades of pink and yellow for your home, especially the bathroom and bedroom.

6. Don’t collect or be a hoarder of unused or past-related things. Remove all the things that you don’t require in the future. Donate to the needy and clear your space for a better flow of vibrations.

De-clutter your surroundings

7. Keep the photos of your loved ones in the Northwest area of your home. This will help you in gaining positive vibrations.

8. Make sure your family photographs and photos of your loved ones are always dust-free; any dirty picture symbolizes dusty relationships.

9. While sleeping, make sure your head is facing the south direction for a peaceful life and openness to new experiences.

Placement of bed

10. Make sure your bed is made of a suitable material and isn’t placed between two doors. Doors signify the act of leaving, and you don’t want to attract that vibe in your bedroom.

11. Increase the amount of natural light in your home. Hang light-coloured curtains and let the sunlight in; light creates a positive environment to grow.

Let the natural light in

12.Try and keep fresh flowers in your bedroom and study. Flowers like roses, hibiscus, lilies symbolise love and fertility. Incorporate candles and fairy lights in the romantic corner of your home.

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