Vaginal bleaching is a trend, can you believe it? – Times of India


The beauty world has no bounds now when it comes to breaking stereotypes. While some of you are still to give bikini wax a try, the world have moved onto vaginal bleaching. Yes, you read that right!

What is Vaginal bleaching?

It is the process of lightening of the skin around the vagina. It uses topical creams, chemical peels and laser treatments.

How did it become popular?

The trend went viral last year, when American rapper Cardi B declared

that though she doesn’t believe in body bleaching, she likes to bleach her underarms and vagina because shaving leaves them looking a little bit dark.

Taking professional help is advisable

Since the area around the vagina is very sensitive, it is advisable to get it done professionally at a derma clinic or a high-end salon.

But it does have health risks

Doctors suggest that certain bleaching agents can cause vulva and vaginal irritation, burning sensation and even vaginal irritation.

Would you dare to opt for it?

Tell us if you would like to give vaginal bleaching a try in the comment section below.

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